Become a Partner of Caring Meds International and Local Projects

Imagine a small child in a rural African Village laying quietly on a small pallet in the middle of the night. His temperature is very high and he is shivering in his mothers arms. Malaria is ravaging his body but there is no physician near to offer antibiotics to cure the disease.

Imagine a hardworking farmer with long days in fields of the African terrain. He has been having constant headaches and does not realize that his blood pressures have been 200/120 for the past month. There is no local nurse to even check his blood pressure much less easy access to much needed blood pressure medications.

Imagine a young woman who developed swelling her legs and now has large wounds on her legs for at least a year. She tries to take care of the wounds the best she can but they continue to become infected. She is embarrassed to be around her friends in her local village because of the way they look and smell.

Imagine an African elder whose infection in his gums have made it hard for him to eat. He has tried to keep them clean to prevent the infection from worsening. At times it is excruciatingly painful just to talk. NOW, Imagine an ARMY of volunteers equipped with the WEAPONS of HOPE and COMPASSION determined to make a difference in the lives of African communities thousands of miles away.

This ARMY was able to bring much needed medications to young children suffering from the deadly disease of Malaria. They were able to evaluate hundreds of people with high blood pressure and provide much needed medications. They managed patients with wounds that were there for years and are now they are HEALED. They offered dental services to both the young and the old some of which have never had dental care.

BUT, Imagine what it would be like if you EMPOWERED this ARMY to do more. What if there were more resources to help those in need. What if there was a way to see more patients on any given day even if a healthcare professional was thousands of miles away. What if this ARMY could train other soldiers of HOPE that live right in their local communities.

It may seem like a DREAM but NOW is the time to Seize the moment. Now is the time to be a people of SIGNIFICANCE. Now is the time to take the weapons of HOPE and COMPASSION and put them to USE. Will you make a difference in the lives of those so desperately in NEED? Join CaringMeds in making this dream a reality!

CaringMeds was birthed out of a medical missions based program
sponsored by Right Direction Church International (RDCI)