Caring Meds: International Projects

Project #1 – Fountainhead Christian University – School of Nursing of Nursing Program

Fountainhead Christian University has been approved by the government of Ghana to establish a nursing program on their campus.  They have TWO major infrastructure needs that will make this program a REALITY:

Phase 1

The program needs the necessary healthcare equipment and supplies to facilitate training for its nursing students. We have partnered with several organizations in the United States that will assist Caring Meds with securing those resources. In addition, we estimate that we will need to ship a 40-foot cargo container of equipment and supplies. The cost for phase 1 will be $50,000.

Phase 2

Fountainhead Christian University has an existing building that must be outfitted for healthcare educational services as well as a medical clinic. The clinic will serve to train healthcare professionals as well as provide medical care to the residents of Tema, Ghana. The estimated cost of the construction project is $500,000 dollars. The facility will serve to provide multiple medical and dental services. In addition, it will have the capability to provide minor outpatient surgical services. In addition, there will be spaces to provide telemedicine services.



Project #2 – School of Nursing Telemedicine Program

To provide the most up -to -date healthcare educational services Caring Meds will facilitate the development of a telemedicine program at the university.  The Program will allow volunteer faculty in the United States to offer clinical rotations to nursing students. In addition, it will allow Caring Meds to establish virtual clinics to provide care to residents. For example, a hypertension clinic can be provided using telemedicine technology to evaluate patients with high blood pressure and track their control of blood pressures.


Project #3 – School of Nursing Distance Learning Program

Caring Meds will facilitate partnerships between academic institutions in the United States and Fountainhead University.  The Partnership will involve US institutions sponsoring distance learning nursing classes at the university. These classes will supplement the classes offered on site at Fountainhead University.

Caring Meds: Future Local Projects

Project #1 – Homeless Healthcare Project

Caring Meds will partner with local organizations in Columbia, SC to improve the health status of the homeless population. It will sponsor health clinics to identify health problems and coordinate care for patients by partnering with local healthcare organizations.

Project #2 – Health HUB Educational Program

Caring Meds will partner with local churches and organizations in the Columbia/Midlands South Carolina area to establish health technology HUBS that will focus on an emphasis on Chronic Disease Management and healthy lifestyles. These HUB’s will be located onsite at our partner organizations and serve as a reliable source of health information.

Project #3– Childhood Obesity Project

Caring Meds will partner with local organizations to establish a summer weight loss program exclusively targeted to elementary through high school aged children. The program will use technological tools to assist students in achieving a health weight and reduce future risk of chronic medical problems.