About Us

CaringMeds was birthed out of a medical missions based program sponsored by Right Direction Church International (RDCI). The first medical missions trip began in 2011. Six members from RDCI went on a trip to Ghana, West Africa. The team partnered with African Relief Mercy Ministries ( Founders Faithful and Mary Biney) to see over 400 patients in a 5 day time period in several villages near Tema, Ghana. They saw patients with severe hypertension, infectious diseases, Malaria and several arthritic diseases.

The team returned from Ghana with a renewed vision to serve more people in Ghana in desperate need of medical care. They developed two primary missions: to sponsor reoccurring medical mission trips to underserved communities in Ghana, West Africa and to partner with African Relief Mercy Ministries to develop an infrastructure to train local residents to provide healthcare services to local communities.

Our second trip in 2013 allowed us to take a larger team and offer dental and medical services to approximately 700 people. We were able to service an entire orphanage and impact the lives of many villagers in Baifikrom, Ghana. It was during this trip that Caring Meds began to realize the possibilities of partnering with the Bineys in expanding educational opportunities through healthcare oriented programs of study.

The Biney’s started a primary and secondary school in Tema, Ghana (Fountainhead Christian Academy) that has grown to 1200 students. Out of their commitment to education they established Fountainhead Christian University. It started classes in the Fall of 2014. Its long term goal is to establish a nursing program designed to improve access to healthcare for local communities. CaringMeds has agreed to partner with Fountainhead Christian University in this ambitious effort.

In 2015 CaringMeds returned to Ghana with a mission to not only provide care to local communities but to also strategize with Fountainhead Christian University officials to develop a nursing program using modern technology to bring cutting edge medical education to its students. CaringMeds realized to further its efforts it needed to organize as a non- profit organization. In the Fall of 2016 Caring Meds Inc. was officially founded. Our ultimate goal is to establish health education pilot projects in Ghana that can be duplicated in other communities on the continent of Africa.